Three-point Push-ups

As you can see in the title, in this variation of push-ups we get one of pivot points off. Obviously, before you come to this push-ups you should perfectly master the classic push-ups, and also more difficult kinds (especially narrow push-ups and push-ups with legs raised). It is recommended to start from “switching off” one leg.
What muscles work: chest, triceps, deltoids, rectus and oblique abdominals.
Performing the exercise: stand in the emphasis lying, like in classic push-ups. Move your weight to one leg, putting it on one axis with body center and put the another leg over it (photo 1). On inhale do the full push-up, hold on for a second in lower point (photo 2), and on exhale go back to the starting position. Having done the specified amount of reps, change the active leg and repeat.
Three-point push-ups (starting position)Three-point push-ups (final position)
Notice: watch your back, do not let it bend or stick out. Elbows should be by your body or not more than 45 degrees widen. To regulate the depth you can put a bent towel, a tennis ball, an apple or a standing matchbox under your solar plexus. While doing the exercise control the body position and speed of going down (2 seconds minimum) all the time.
If you can do at least 20 reps – try to hold the inactive leg in the air (straightened or bent in the knee).
Push-ups with one leg raised (starting position) Push-ups with one leg raised (final position)
The next stage is “dynamization”: you are not just holding your inactive leg in the air, but doing the swings, synchronous to the push-ups.
Performing the exercise: in the starting position, leaning on one leg, bend the inactive leg in knee and hip, so that it was almost by your stomach (photo 5). As you start to bend your elbows, unbend the inactive leg in hip at the same time (the knee joint is inactive). At the lower point fingers of your inactive should point upwards (photo 6). After one second pause go back to the starting position by straightening your hands and pulling your leg back to the stomach. As in previous exercise, after some amount of reps, switch the base leg and repeat the cycle (aim to equal amount of reps on each leg).
Dynamic one-leg push-ups (starting position)Dynamic one-leg push-ups (final position)
Notice: until you reach synchronous and honed moves, perform the exercise slowly. Though it is a complex-coordination move, it will be difficult to watch all the things. Increased attention to your back: do not bend when you pull the leg (at the top point) and do not loose, when straightening it (at the lower point). Try to “catch the rhythm” – this will make it much easier.
And of course, how can one talk about three-point push-ups and say nothing about one-arm push-ups. Unfortunately, most of those who say that they can do one-arm push-ups – do it with extremely bad technique: widely spread legs, sticking up pelvis, twisted spine. In fact, the real professional of one-arm push-ups is the one, who does it with perfect technique. Only correctly done exercise will be the indicator of true force. I will not give the description of one-arm push-ups here specifically for you, to hone your mastery in all the exercises described above. Believe me, if you can do 20 narrow push-ups – the way to one-arm push-ups is opened. You also should master side-moved push-ups, that require not only strong muscles, but well-developed balance sense. I’ll tell you more: one-arm push-ups is not the edge. There is also “the lizard push-ups”, when the push-ups are done only on two points – one arm and one leg. But do not run far forward, because the one of the main training principles – to gradually increase the loads. If you can easily do 20 reps of every kind of the push-ups, described above – write us with “Contacts”, and in shortest time we will post the article, devoted to the one-arm push-ups. But if you are reading this article just for interest – stop postponing your trainings for tomorrow, choose your level and start to do push-ups right today. Yes-yes, right now, stand up of the table (or put your tablet aside) and do 10 push-ups. Have a good training!

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