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Welcome to “Home Workout”, dedicated to different aspects of home trainings. We believe, that home trainings can be effective and offer you to make sure personally.


One of the most famous basic exercises, that perfectly fits for home training. Squatting technique (with photos), main working muscles, performing rules and load regulating ways.


The best home exercise for developing chest and shoulders power. About classic floor push-ups and other kinds of push-ups (wide and narrow push-ups, pillar and side-moved push-ups). Push-up technique (with photos), exercise rules and load regulation ways.


Basic static exercise for whole body, that fits perfectly for home training. What to start with, how to do it right, basic working muscles, performing technique (with photos), different variations of plank for different power stamina levels.


How to do front and back lunges, and also Bulgarian lunges (with photos), main working muscles, load regulation ways.


Training our buttocks at home by doing bridge on shoulders and pillars. Technique and special features of performing (with photos), using different kinds of pillars to increase the load on buttock and hip muscles.


Very famous and not very effective exercise for abdominals. Front, side and reverse crunches: rules of performing (with photos), important technique nuances.

Leg rises_thumbnailLeg rises

Training our leg muscles by doing seated and laying leg rises. Performing technique (with photos), main working muscles, rules and load regulation ways.

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