During the workout

Most of far from sport people have a conviction, that exercising doesn’t need much intelligent efforts. Especially when it is not about the high achievements sports, but about home workouts. But you need only to start exercising, and a whole lot of questions appear:

  • Is it allowed to drink during the workout (if yes – what and how much)?
  • What should I wear to workout (especially if you are to train in an unheated place)?
  • Do I need an additional equipment (for example, gloves or wide belt)
  • How long should the workout be and what part of it should be the warmup and stretch?
  • How to evaluate the correctness of the exercises performance (especially by yourself)?
  • How deep to squat and how low to go down in push-ups?
  • How fast to perform the exercises and how long should/may be the rest time between sets?
  • How to breathe during the workout (through the mouth or nose, deep or not, how frequent, if it’s allowed to hold breath)?
  • What should the heart rate be at the beginning and at the end of exercising, to get maximum feedback from workouts?
  • How many calories were lost during the workout?

Answers to these and many other questions, appearing when you start exercising (especially solo home workouts) we will be publishing for you in this paragraph of our site.

Heart Rate During Workout: how to measure the heart rate, and what should it be during and after the workout.

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