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Before workout

Every venture needs initial preparation. And the success is usually defined by the thoroughness of this preparation. Workouts are not the exception. Regardless of what you choose: gym or home workout, you should treat responsibly to it. To make workouts easily enter your life timing and provide the achievement of your goals (whether it is muscle growth, increase stamina or slimming), you should work on several important questions:

  • Evaluate your physical readiness level to choose adequate physical activity;
  • Choose a time for workouts;
  • Organize your own spot for home workout or find a matching gym;
  • Make or buy the required equipment (if you have decided to train with equipment);
  • Pick the workout music, that matches the expected intensity and duration of exercising;
  • Reconsider or change the daily regime (workouts may require an additional meal or increased bedtime);
  • Make a decision of the workout plan, that exactly fits your goals;
  • Choose exercises for warmup and main workout;
  • Find sources of motivation, that help to continue exercising, when your starting enthusiasm fades out.

It is also advisable to find a workout partner. One will not only make you safe from possible injuries when working with peak weights (for home workouts it is not so actual). The main thing is – partner can control the correctness of performing exercises and add an adversarial element to workout, and this will eventually influence the exercising quality.
And remember: a good start is a half of business. Having taken into account all the listed factors you will be able to properly organize the effective workouts, that allows to get the expected result in shortest terms. We hope that the information, presented in this paragraph’s articles, will help you to get maximum feedback from your exercises.

Why not gym? For those, who haven’t decided what to choose yet, gym or home training: main arguments for home training.

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Why not gym?

Why not gym?I think there is nothing to argument to home training followers, who got to this site by aimed search of better exercises to train muscles at home. To all the others, who still cannot chose between gym and home training, I’ll try to answer the question in the title. And the answer is quite easy: because gym is a dependence. On trainers, on opinion of peoples around and even on weather conditions.
You come to gym to get your body strong, but you get to the dream shop with plenty of shiny metal machines. There are dozens of them, and every one is at your service. You get involved with process and forget about the purpose. You spend your time to learn how to use the machine, instead of training right. You wait for your turn on exercise machine, which will dictate your body how to move. Even if you avoid this machine madness, you will gather the inventory on all the gym territory at the beginning, which disappears somewhere at the end. Your training will turn to a quest, including weights searching and jumping from one machine to another. You will start to doubt in your abilities and the least progress.
And if someday, desperate, in far corner of your gym, you will decide to remember school PE lessons and just start to squat/push-up – HE appears. Personal coach, smarty-pants instructor. And suddenly it turns out, that you are squatting too deep, your elbows are too wide when pushing up, and at all, this muscle (here will be a long latin word) is worked better on that machine. And he, of course, will help you, tell you everything and show. Because he is the best coach, and also the walking instruction to all the gym equipment.
And again, you are pulled in this giant vortex of useless training. Where you spend your money to spend your time. Where the body is trained ineffectively and the brain degrades (most of exercise machines limit your moves so much, so that your brain has nothing to control). Where you are surrounded by advisors with smart look and the physique, worse than yours. Where talkers and rubberneckers sit (not exercise!) on the machines, that go to the gym only because it’s trendy or because the firm paid their year membership.
Do you need this? You have so much money and free time to spend on inconclusive training? You want to become stronger or learn how to use all the gym machines? If you choose strength (not its visibility) – train at home. Believe me, home exercises can make you stronger, much faster and efficient, than most of new-fashioned chrome mechanisms in gym. Home training – is the way to independence from everything, written above. This is the way of strong will and strong body, the way of constant discovery and improvement. The way, that thousands of athletes of past had been through. The way to victory.