After workout

The workout is over. It would seem that you can now forget about physical exercises to the next time and wait calmly for desired muscle growth or slimming. Absolutely not! Actually, it is only beginning. A zealous workout is an important, but far not the only condition to achieve the goal. Anyway, you will hardly forget the previous workout (especially if it was your first). Those, who have now remembered their first workouts, are surely know what am I talking about. Yes, it is the thing – muscle pain. If you were exhausted after the workout, first thing, that you feel in the morning: your muscles ache. Why? I will uncover a small secret for you: actually, muscles doesn’t grow because of exercises. Even more: muscle fibers get injured and broke down during the workout (this causes pain). The task of the after-workout process is to provide optimal conditions not only for your organism recovery, but also for its growth (also known as “supercompensation”). In this paragraph we will publish articles about important nuances of “after-workout life”:

  • Why muscles ache and what to do with it;
  • When, how much, and what to eat after workout (particularly – how to “close” the anabolic window);
  • What and when to drink when finished the exercises;
  • How to properly organize the after workout recovery process to help your organism overcome the workout stress maximum fast;
  • How to examine the workout results by using the self-control journal and measuring your body proportions.
  • How much rest to take after previous workout and how to prepare your organism to the next one.

About this and much more – in articles, published below. Have a useful reading and maximum supercompensation!

Signs of Overtraining. Overtraining is not only uncomfortable feelings. By not giving your organism to recover after previous training, you put on risk not only your training program progress, but your health too.

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